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Updated: Mar 15, 2019

My most recent exhibition took place in Merrion Square, Dublin with Sculptor Mark Coreth and Artist Dede Gold. It was a great adventure and a great success..



"This exhibition brought together three unique artists and provided a rare opportunity to view their work in the spectacular surroundings of The Irish Architectural Archive in Merrion Square, one of Dublin’s finest buildings.

Peter Curling, Mark Coreth and Dede Gold are well known established artists. The common bond between them is their very evident passion for their subjects, whether it’s lions lazing in the African heat, characterful expressions of the canine variety or horses galloping at speed.

All three artists have a link with The Sladmore Gallery in London. Mark has been associated with the gallery for over twenty years and regularly has sell-out shows there while Peter and Dede have also had successful exhibitions in Bruton Place.

From the start, Edward and Nona Horswell and Gerry Farrell, the directors of The Sladmore were enthusiastic about the idea and their support in putting on this exhibition was vital.

The coming together of these three artists was a rare chance to be able to see over one hundred pieces of their work in one place. A broad variety of subject matter, beautifully executed work and a wide and imaginative handling of their chosen mediums showed the range and diversity of these three artists."

This exhibition was a long time in the planning but culminated in this beautiful collection of work being shown in the centre of Dublin.

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