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Three Hurdlers-02_LouiseWoods.jpg

sculpture by louise wood

For many years Louise Wood has been helping her husband Peter with his work. An experienced artist herself, and well known for her terrier prints and equine portraits, Louise thought that when she moved to Ireland she would quietly retire and leave Peter to get on with the painting. But she quickly became a vital part of the process; her constructive and occasionally critical comments have become something on which Peter now relies. 


"When I am working on a painting, I can get too wrapped up in it and can miss an obvious error or a fault in the composition.  Louise provides a fresh eye.  She has a good knowledge of anatomy and she knows what she is looking at. It is a huge help to me to get her opinion, and most of the time I find that reluctantly, I have to agree with what she says!"

But for the last few years Louise has gone back to work.  This time though she has not picked up  her brushes but has turned to sculpture.


"I had done some sculpting years ago and I had always like it. I love animal sculpture and I was lucky enough to go on a couple of courses with Mark Coreth, whose work I greatly admire.  Mark and Peter shared an exhibition in Dublin in 2018 and they gave me great encouragement.  Mark suggested that I go to the Morris Singer Foundry where he has his work cast.  The team there are incredible and it is wonderful working with such skilled craftsmen."

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