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Updated: Mar 15, 2019

The recent Dublin exhibition which Peter shared with Mark Coreth and Dede Gold attracted plenty of interest in the press:

“There may be some decent racing at Fairyhouse this week, but the hot ticket in Ireland is an exhibition at the Irish Architectural Archive, in Dublin, where Peter Curling, the best equine action and landscape artist either side of the Irish sea, and Mark Coreth, the sculptor of Frankel, have joined forces with Dede Gold.”

Marcus Armytage – The Daily Telegraph

“Peter Curling’s name is familiar to Irish art-lovers: he has been a leading figure in the market for sporting and equestrian art here for more than a quarter of a century. In his first show in Dublin since a sell-out exhibition in 2005, he was exploring a new media and new subjects. His idiosyncratic large canvases depicting horses in action – mud flying, nostrils flaring – hung beside much smaller, more intimate landscapes from Tipperary, West Cork and southern France. There was also be some life studies and a group of recent portraits.”

Arminta Wallace – The Irish Times

“Peter Curling needs no introduction and he is one of the best-loved equine artists of all time. Though he first exhibited at the tender age of 14, back in 1969, he says that half a century later his enthusiasm for painting has never waned; indeed he is enjoying it more than ever.

Being able now to diversify away from the staple of horses and to embrace landscapes and portraits has broadened his range immensely.”

Leo Powell – The Irish Field

“A Curling exhibition is always a visual treat. He has an amazing facility to capture movement of the horse and to convey the relationship between horse and rider, as well as being an accomplished painter of landscapes and portraitist”

The Irish Field

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