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Peter Curling

Peter Curling was born in Waterford in 1955. From an early age he showed an interest in drawing and had his first exhibition in Lambourn aged fourteen. Two years later he had an exhibition in Combridges in Dublin during Horse Show week.


He studied with the famous Signorina Nera Simi in Florence from 1972 to 1974 and spent a short but valuable time with John Skeaping R.A. in France.

His family had moved to England in 1963 and he returned to live in Ireland in 1975.


Best known from an early age as a painter of horses he exhibited regularly with the Tryon Gallery in London and also showed his work in The U.S.A., in Saratoga and Kentucky. His most recent exhibition was at The Sladmore Gallery in London in 2010. He has exhibited at The R.H.A. and The Royal Society of Portrait Painters in London.

He knows horses well, having spent his life surrounded by them and he continues to paint large atmospheric paintings of them at exercise, in the field and on the racecourse. 

In recent years he has diversified and also paints landscapes and portraits. He has spent a lot of time painting in Venice. This exhibition shows a wide range of subject matter using a number of different materials and techniques.

He has recently completed his first novel Drawing the Line.

He and his wife Louise live in Tipperary. He has three children and six grandchildren.

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